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Raising gamecocks as a supplementary occupation Earn from hundreds to millions

Agriculture is a career that costs money to do and takes a lot of time to wait for production. Each time the yield was less profitable, some at a loss, so many farmers needed to find a supplementary occupation to increase their family’s income. Whether growing vegetables or raising animals while waiting for the produce from the main occupation like the villagers in Nong Nam Daeng Sub-District Nakhon Ratchasima Province It has turned to raising gamecocks as a supplementary occupation, not least because of the profitable trade. One falls at 3,500-5,000 baht.

Uncle Chalong aims to break in the middle, a man with a lot of smiles. Address: 58 Village No. 3, Nong Nam Daeng Subdistrict, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Agricultural career is Cassava farm. 5 years ago, I saw villagers in this area raising gamecocks and earning money. Therefore, Uncle Chalong is interested in raising gamecocks as a supplementary occupation. earn more

There are many different breeds of gamecocks throughout the country. But the main breeding Uncle Chalong bought this breeder from a teacher in the south. Special characteristics are white with sharp spurs. have speed in battle sticky texture Resistant to the collision of opponents well. Because of this feature, Uncle Chalong chose to be a breeder. used for cultivation

Uncle Chalong aims to break down in the middle

keep chickens healthy

Principles and methods of raising chickens Uncle Chalong suggested that

After mating The hen took 21 days to incubate the eggs. Uncle Chalong built an incubation area with a roof covering the sun and rain, with basket shelves arranged in a row. with straw for the hens to incubate. After the hatching date Uncle Chalong will bring the chicks out to raise them in cages along with the hens.

If any hen kicks off the chicks, the hen will be separated immediately. to prevent the chicks from dying.

hen incubating eggs

In the feeding of chicks, corn kernels are given twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. or alternate with chicken thickened food If some are not healthy, they will feed the pigs. to strengthen the chicks When the chicks are 2 months old, they are taken out of the cage and placed on the ground. Raising like a villager to make a living naturally But the corn kernels are regularly sown to keep the chickens from starving. In the rearing after natural release, the form of each chicken is observed. to be molded into a gamecock for sale

The chickens are about 8 months old, in the period that they have not been wrestled with others. and will be reared separately in 1 random per 1 chicken. The food will be 1-2 handfuls of paddy, 2 meals per day. The chickens are raised to expose them to the sun for 2 periods in the morning and in the afternoon. where the temperature is not very high Bringing chickens to the sun or straddling the sun It is one of the important things in raising gamecocks. in order to build strength durable for chickens And it also helps to control the weight of the chicken as well. But the scorching should be appropriate for the age of the chickens. should not overdo it

Corn for the chickens to eat

wound healing of the beaten chicken

A gamecock can’t be a gamecock. If not through wrestling or hitting to test the strength, dexterity, ไก่พม่า and agility of that chicken But beating a chicken causes the chicken to injure it. therefore need to be maintained by bringing the beaten chicken to rest in the cage Isolated from other birds, gradually giving medicine, injections to keep the chicken back healthy.

good form will sell for a good price

Normal gamecocks cost from 500 baht to a million baht. It depends on the owner’s pricing, features, breed and characteristics of the chicken. like Uncle Chalong’s chicken The starting price is 3,500 baht. It’s the price of the villagers and it’s still a generation of chicken that hasn’t been wrestled. but looks popular Has a slender body, slender tail, height equal to the body weight of 2.8 kg, or if it is a chicken that has been fought. Experienced collision will open the market by bringing the bump to the arch. in order to get a lot of people to see or the chicken masters to see the style of beating the chicken because when the chicken master saw and wanted to buy The price is higher, at 30,000-40,000 baht each.

Uncle Chalong gave a message to people who are interested in raising gamecocks. Let’s hear that

“From the experience I have seen Villagers in this neighborhood People have had a lot of success in raising gamecocks. because if we invest in buying a good hen then planted After cultivating them, they are wrestled. When a master saw it, he could sell it for thirty thousand and forty thousand.”

8 month old chicken

chicken shelter through the collision

Raising gamecocks is a supplementary occupation for many people, not just villagers. Nong Nam Daeng Subdistrict The way of raising will be different according to the way of the villagers. There are no fixed regulations. But this method of raising should be enough as a guideline for many people who are interested in gamecocks. or want to earn extra income has been applied to benefit

Kamnan Boo Wihan Daeng builds “Loki Farm” a gamecock arch to develop the breed into the arena

Caring for 300-400 gamecocks per day is not an easy task. but for those who love And called raising cocks as a career, it can be made easy without difficulty.

Mr. Somkid Jongpakdee, commonly known as Kamnan Boo, Tambon Nong Mu Wihan Daeng District Saraburi Hand raised gamecocks into the blood since childhood. From the father, who used to act as the headman of the village, likes gamecocks, raising and raising gamecocks around the house. Khun Somkid has absorbed and helped his father take care of gamecocks since he was 20 years old. Rice from farming, Mr. Somkid said. Since father’s generation, he has kept four carts of paddy a year for chicken feed.

Bird flu is an epidemic that has forced father and Somkid’s gamecock farming to end. and start over 2 times 2 times

Most recently, Mr. Somkid established himself under the name of “Loki Farm” since 2018.

Khun Somkid has set goals with Loki Farm that I want to make it a farm with quality chicken standards and to develop a breed of gamecock as well. Therefore, we search for outstanding species of each region that are good, including Phitsanulok, Maha Sarakham, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Pathom, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. and many provinces to be mixed and selected for quality breeds

3-4 years ago, Loki Farm Develop a gamecock breed to get 3 bloodline gamecocks, namely Burmese-Ngon-Thai.

Highlight of Myanmar Hit and see wounds, sharp wounds, use spurs to stab opponents faster than Thais in the past

The strengths of Thailand are tactics, good maneuverability, reasonable shins, but not as sharp as Burmese. heart and stamina

Strengths of fibula, hard bone, large and strong structure.

Currently, there are nearly 400 chickens on the farm.

Daily tasks that must be managed within the farm, Mr. Somkid said.

There is a chicken house that sleeps randomly, with another layer of mosquito netting. Be careful not to bite mosquitoes. The sleeping area must be clean by covering 3 layers of carpet. The 1-2nd layer is a general soft carpet. The top floor rug is very soft. It is necessary to carpet the chicken to sleep because when sleeping, the chicken uses its breasts on the ground and the breasts are bone ridges. If it touches the floor or cement The vertebrae may be damaged or damaged.

Every morning, around 6:00 a.m. every day, the mattresses are cleaned. Take the chicken to release the treadmill, ไก่พม่า flap its wings, loosen the muscles before exercise, or called warming the chicken, then take it to exercise.

In the chicken that is not ready to fight or between the molding and waiting to collide Bones and muscles are not strong enough. Do exercises with box jumps 30-40 times, then let them walk on the treadmill, wipe the water, take tonics and herbs. Leave in the sun until the chicken is panting.

The chicken is ready to fight. After releasing the treadmill to warm the chickens, 1-2 workers were required to wrap their legs together to lure them.

Lure is to bring another chicken or sparring partner to let them collide with each other. so that the rooster who is ready to fight can practice for real, exert kicking as a call to force It takes about 10-15 minutes to cover randomly and wipe with water. Let it out in the sun until the chicken is panting, or around 11:00 AM. Take it to relax on the treadmill. In order to rest, after about 2 pm, the chickens are ready to fight with 30-40 box jumping exercises, wiping water, taking tonics and herbs. Provide snakehead or mackerel meat. If you see that the ready cock is too skinny will gain weight by eating cooked pork chops

The herbs mentioned by Mr. Somkid chose Kaempferia, wormwood, lemongrass, cucumber, tomato, which each herb has different properties, such as wormwood, helping with the digestive and excretory system, galingale, calling for integrity and keeping the internal flesh, tomato, helping with skin and hair. Lemongrass and Cucumber Help with excretion, etc.

Chickens that are the produce of the farm Will start to practice to prepare for the ring at the age of 7-8 months.

Khun Somkid said that the gamecock is not always ready to fight. Because gamecocks will have a period of time to shed feathers or change feathers many times in the year. Chickens that have shed or shed feathers cannot be rammed. because the chicken will have less energy Because it runs out of energy to shed new hair and build a complete body. which the time when the chicken is not perfect enough for entering the ring It is the resting time and the breeding of the chickens. In addition, the cocks that have been extracted semen for use in the mix can not be put into a fight. because it will be exhausted to be milked by semen

Mating in males 10 months and older with mating In females, age 10-12 months, ready to mix. The mix will allow the chicken to mix among themselves. and when the hen lays eggs will let the hens lay eggs naturally Once the chicks hatch for a week, they are separated into nursery cages.

When the chickens are 1 month old, they start vaccinating at the specified intervals of the Department of Livestock Development, which Khun Somkid said that vaccination is very important. For chickens raised in the farm system to prevent disease and loss

Only 3-4 years ago, there were more people who knew about Loki Farm than we thought. And with the development of gamecock breeds from Loki Farm until there are 3 bloodline gamecocks in the field And with a large number of fans, from word of mouth, many chicks from the farm go out.

Asked about the price, Khun Somkid said that he wasn’t very expensive. because I want the villagers to have access Because gamecock sport has been a sport of Thai people since ancient times. Raising native chickens is a common activity in every home.

Champion or top chicks, 1-2 months old, 1,000 baht each.

Champion or top chicks, 4 months old, 2,000 baht each.

The rooster has grown up, but hasn’t trained yet. The price is about 5,000 baht each.

but how much It all depends on the skill of the chicken. Breeders and Breeders

“I prefer selling chicks. Because each month there are many litters of chicks, for example 100 chicks, 1,000 baht each, and I already get 100,000 baht.”